Good for Body and Mind

Cycling is an amazing activity, as it has numerous health benefits. Whether people do professional cycling exercises or they simply try to adhere cycling in their daily routine, it can bring numerous great things for the health and the mind too.

For instance, being a cyclist means that you get to do cardio exercises. These exercises are great for keeping your body active and burning fat, thus staying in a fit shape. Besides this, being active also ensures that your blood pressure is normalized easily, and your body detoxifies in a really efficient manner – by sweating off the toxins.

Secondly, being active in general, and cycling rids you from the stress of daily life. Instead of thinking about the traffic, you are safe from it while riding your bike to do errands. Moreover, when you are cycling, your body releases serotonin (the happy hormone). As such, you feel relaxed and you get to have a happier day each time you exercise.

The best thing about cycling – whether it is professional cycling or not, it is the fact that you have a really budget-friendly sports activity. You needn’t anything else rather than your bike, and even if you need some extra equipment like helmets and knee-protectors, these are also really cheap, so you don’t have to make a significant investment into your hobby per se.


Beginner cyclists usually take easier tracks to ride the bikes to, and the best bikes for beginner races are:

1. Giant Contend 3
2. Diamondback Century 2
3. Co-op Cycles ARD 1.1

Best Bikes for Cycling

If you want to casually ride a bike, or participate in some high-end events like the Malibu Gran Fondo 2016, you probably need a good bike for your specific reason. However, it is a competitive market, and we noticed that finding the best bike can be really hard. This is why, here at the Malibu Ride we have a list of suggestions that you might find use of.


Professional cycling bikes are meant for professional cycling races. These often include harder tracks for racing, offroad tracks specifically, and they should be resistant to damage. So, to avoid buying a faulty professional cycling bike, here are some options you have:

1. Felt AR5
2. Specialized Tarmac Disc Sport
3. Vitus Bikes ZX1 Aero Disc 105

Types of Cycling

If you want to take up professional cycling, here are some of the types of races you’ll have to choose from:

Road Riding

Road riding races are beginner-friendly, and they include riding your bike on a plain road.


You can do a track race on a special track made for cycling. Here the competitors race on a fixed gear bike


Offroad is one of the most extreme yet fun types of cycling, it includes races that happen on anything besides the road.


Mountain cycling races are interesting because they are usually on uphill or downhill tracks, and they involve riding a bike on rooty and uneven terrains.


You’ll need a lot of stamina to participate in an endurance race, as it includes riding a bike for 60 miles or longer.


Going down on steep hills, the downhill races are a true adrenaline spiking activity.


CycloCross is a type of a race that has features of road cycling, mountain biking, and steeplechase.


With berm turns and jumps, these head-to-head competitions are incredibly fun.


Also known as Xtreme cycling, is one of the most interesting ones, with numerous sub-categories and challenges that the bikers take on.

Different Training Programs

If you want to excel at cycling and maximize your potential, you need to try different training programs. For instance, you should start with Aerobic Endurance Training (DI). Next, you should consider Strength endurance (DII) to become faster and stronger. Also, don’t forget the VO2 Max or Extensive Interval Training (DIII).

Professional Cycling - Popular Cycling Races

Cycling races are one of the most popular ones amongst people who love the active life, and those who simply want to watch others stay active – like sports betting fans for example. Many of these people who like sports betting and winning real money from it resort to online casino websites as they offer an abundance of sports betting options. As such, online casinos are hosts of many sports betting events, and they hold all cycling events for those who want to win real money. Besides this, online casinos are great because they offer many casino bonuses. These casino bonuses come in different forms, but the best one is the welcome casino bonus. With the welcome or the first-deposit casino bonus, people get to double the real money they’ve deposited, thus, having a chance to use the casino bonus to get the most betting options with their money.

Here are some of the events you can bet on at online casinos and win real money from:

Tour de France

The most popular one in the world!

World Track Championships

A great annual event with numerous tracks and distances.

World Road Championships

This one-day event is a great one, and only the best compete in it.

Olympic Games Cycling

The Olympic Games are the name of the game when it comes

to professional cycling.

Commonwealth Games Cycling

An event with a rich history and a lot of things happening.

Malibu Gran Fondo

Mailbu is the proud host of this event, and you can see it featuring

in many popular pictures of Malibu too.

Tour Down Under

A great UCI annual event with a lot to offer.

UCI Cycling World Championships

The international event that everyone is looking forward to.

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