Know the different types of bikes that exist. For sports outside and inside the mountain or to travel in your city or village, the bikes give you a unique range of options that you should know perfectly. Find out in this article!

The development of technology and manufacturing techniques has allowed more and more types of bicycles to exist. Proof of this is that nowadays you can find bicycles of all sizes, colors, and purposes possible. This considerable variety of clouds our minds, causing us not to be very clear what kind of bike we need for a specific purpose. You want a bike ride, but you don’t know how to differentiate the characteristics of the different types? Do you think all mountain bikes are the same? Solve these questions and more in this post!

Types of walking bikes

Walking bikes are handy for short distances in cities or towns. This typology has been established throughout history as a clean and practical means of transport. The first bikes that existed belong to this group, so, in this section, we refer to some historical two-wheel jewels.

  • English bicycle

Without a doubt, we started the article by talking about a classic Bicycle known worldwide. The English bike is the perfect demonstration of globalization and urban transport. This type of vehicle has gone through better and worse stages, however, in full vintage jubilation, the English bicycles are experiencing a second youth.

The English bicycle has multiple versions. In this section, we refer to the main one, the roadster. This model is ideal for both the countryside and the city. It has relaxed frame angles (about 68 degrees) and may or may not display gears. In case you do, it usually has three speeds. It has 700 wheels, the smallest and largest diameter wheels available.

  • Dutch bike

It is considered a model of the English bicycle. This is the women-friendly roadster version. At the end of the NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century, bicycle English was quite fashionable in various parts of the world. However, there was a problem for all those women who wanted to ride on it: the picture was too tall, and it was uncomfortable to get on the seat of it –and more so if they were wearing a skirt, dress or a similar garment.

  • Folding bike

The folding bicycle, whose first antecedent dates back to the end of the 19th century, incorporates a series of hinges or elbows in the frame that allow it to bend it easily to occupy a smaller space. Thanks to this feature, this typology favors and significantly promotes its transportation: you can take it anywhere!

  • Beach bike or cruiser

They’re halfway between the English and the mountain bikes. They were the forerunners of the latter. The table will vary depending on the model, although it is usually curved. The main feature of the T-shirts is that they have thicker tires with fewer inches than English and Dutch bicycles-they resemble those used on mountain bikes.

Braking is usually counterbalanced and is perfect for urban environments. It can be useful for mountainous terrain, but preferably flat. When we talk about a beach bike, we should know that the handlebars are quite extensive and usually have no changes. Do you have any questions? Behold the image we show you!

  • Urban electric bicycle

Fortunately, more and more proposals are being made to encourage bicycle transport in major world cities. The city of Madrid is one of the few urban areas in Spain that has introduced this means of transportation in its streets thanks to the appearance of the electric bicycle.

This type of bike makes transport much easier in large areas and is an alternative to the car to avoid the traffic that usually occurs in the main towns. What are the main qualities of an electric bicycle? The main one is the combination of pedaling with the assistance of an electric motor.

Types of mountain bikes

Riding a bike through the mountain is an experience that has become more specialized over time. We no longer find standard mountain bikes that come to mind. Now, depending on the specific activity to be carried out in this type of terrain, one kind or another must be used. The variety of mountain bikes is a reality that we show you below:

  • Bike cross country

Wherever you go, you’ll see a standard mountain bike, well, these are called cross country or rally. The beach bikes gave rise to this model around the 1980s. A motorcycle was needed that allowed to travel the irregular and rocky terrain of the mountain. The remaining existing pedal vehicles were not sufficient, as they were easily damaged.

  • Standard mountain bike.

We are talking about one of the most critical advances in cycling in the 20th century. In the past, it was unthinkable that a bicycle would enter such irregular and inclined routes. Within this type of bike, we find qualities that vary: some have rear suspension, others only front, Certain have both, and there are mountain bikes that do not have any type of suspension. They are usually made of aluminum or carbon fiber and are multipurpose bicycles on not very complicated land.

Types of outdoor sports bikes

The sport with the bike is not only exclusive to the mountain. Asphalt is an excellent way to move with your bike. However, it must meet features that do not include mountain bikes. Do you want to know what sports bikes are out of the mountains? We’ll tell you!

  • Track bike

This is another bike that has taken advantage of the vintage boom. The track bike, also called fixie, has a very similar shape to the road bike. You might not tell them apart! However, you should know that the fixie bike, apart from being very light, does not have any gears.

When you want to pedal on the road or in paved areas a considerable distance with climbs and descents, the best option is the road bicycle, also known as a racing bike. Speed is the main ingredient of these jewels that flood the road of professional cyclists and beginners.

  • BMX

BMX arose between the late ’70s and early ’80s in California. They were models created initially to simulate motorbikes participating in the motocross Championships. As the decades progressed, the BMX became more than just a bicycle. The BMX was also a key player in street sports and the way many young people around the world have fun.

  • Racing BMX.

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