What are the most popular cycling races? Cycling has been on the rise for some time. The little Queen has rightly won the hearts of more than one person. The world of cycling races today has millions of fans who have already chosen the competitions they follow from beginning to end. This is why we have offered you a selection of the most-watched cycling races in the world.

  1. Tour de France

Whatever you say, the Tour de France is the oldest and most popular cycling competition in the world. This competition has even become a tradition in France. As of July approaches, all of France is in turmoil, and everyone is waiting for the criterion of the Tour de France to live unforgettable moments. The Tour de France was created in 1903 and consists of 3 figures, i.e., 23 days of competition, 21 stages to be covered, and 3,500 kilometers of distance. Currently, the game is monitored end-to-end throughout the world. It consists of 20 teams made up of riders from all corners of the globe (40 nationalities).

  1. Tour of Spain

Known as “La Vuelta,” the Tour of Spain is a cycling competition that started in 1935. And it was from 1955 that it became an annual race with its 20 stages. It is held every year and remains particularly admired by the Spaniards, who see it as a historic race.

  1. Tour of Italy

In any case, this is a cycling competition that drains a lot of people each year. The specialists gave it a beautiful name: The Giro of Italy, created by a journalist named Tullo Morgagni; we were then in 1909. It is one of the few competitions to have more than a century of existence. Here is a great Tour that is characterized by an atypical course and filled with many passes. The most imposing passes are the Stelvio, Gavia, and Mortirolo. In reality, this race is great for climbers. Finally, it generally takes place during May.

  1. Tour of Australia

The Tour Down Under was founded in 1999 and is held annually in Adelaide, Australia. It is a sporting event that is organized during the third week of January of each, and that brings together 133 runners with the aim of covering six stages online or 42.5 kilometers. Some see it as a preparatory cycling race for the Grand Tours. It is a competition that generally smiles at sprinters, especially as the roads are flat.

  1. Race Dent America

Indeed, the Across America Race is a very difficult cycling race that was first launched in 1982. It was a way of paying tribute to Georges Nellis for his bravery, who had crossed the United States of America on a bicycle following the railway. The goal of the participants is to move from the west coast to the East Coast. It is then a question here of traveling 4840 kilometers in 54 stages. Each cyclist is free to join a team. This competition often takes place in June of each year.