“America’s 5-Star Gran Fondo” – Peloton Magazine

“Imagine rolling into Malibu, California with the sun overhead, ocean breeze at your back and the mountains in the near distance rousing your legs to ascend like the great champions of the Tour de France- this is the Malibu Gran Fondo.”

The crew at Serious Cycling have built one of the best cycling events you will find in America. A two day, two stage event along the California coastline.

“‘Big’ Praise for the Malibu Gran Fondo” – Red Kite Prayer

The Malibu Gran Fondo is an event in its second year, and is a different take on what a fondo can be. It’s true that “gran fondo” means “big ride,” but just how do you define “big”? A ride could be big in terms of rider participation, or in terms of the course, or perhaps in terms of presentation. Serious Cycling, a high-end shop in the suburbs of Los Angeles, chose this last version of “big” to guide them as they planned their event, which was held March 5 and 6.

From the UK to Malibu — No rest for the wicked at the Malibu Gran Fondo

The Malibu Gran Fondo celebrates all that is great about the world of cycling; beautiful landscapes, long arduous climbs rewarded with incredible views, healthy food (and plenty of it!) and the chance to spend a whole weekend with a team of likeminded riders. Now in its third year, this event offers riders a chance to quite simply eat, sleep and ride whilst the team at Serious Cycling look after the rest. Everything starts and ends from the luxurious surroundings of the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village and there’s plenty to keep riders occupied over the course of the weekend.

“Over the Top” – #18

I am writing in great gratitude and thanksgiving for all I got to enjoy during my first Malibu Gran Fondo last weekend, I’ll be back! It was really fun and well run, and from the first moment I arrived at Four Seasons on Friday afternoon’s registration … I was met there by the finest quality, highest end, of preparation that I have ever experienced, and that better than expected experience continued throughout the entire event. Everything was so over the top!

Saturday morning before the race there was a mechanic available, even filtered water with fresh cut lemons, and everything else you could possibly imagine all there, especially all the helpful, smiling people … so nice. Then during the ride, all the food stations were well stocked with healthy food, and again an abundant supply of smiling faces! 

At the end of that incredible ride Saturday, WD40 was waiting to take my bike to completely wash it for free while my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the tent with the buffet filled with fresh roasted red meat, salmon, the most incredible salad bar you will ever see, lentil soup with servers ladling fresh cut goodies on top, all of it serve yourself as much as you can eat, listening to live jazz, and free massages, too!!!!!!!! (Not enough exclamation points can do justice to what all of us riders were given that day.

Later that afternoon, drinks at the fine Four Seasons, live jazz again as we ate in the private setting and garden patios, and the finest food like shrimp cocktail, fresh fruit shish kabobs, the most delicious mini lamb chops I have ever eaten, crab and some green veggie soup shooters, meatballs (did I mention all you could? Insane in the best of ways imaginable.) I had to tell the waiters to stop bringing me so many delectable things as I had the Time Trial the next morning.

Sunday morning’s Time Trial again great, organic food (fresh cut fruit and veggies like you will only see at a 5 Star Resort), so many healthy drinks, all the smiling helpful people one could possibly imagine. Afterwards, more over the top food, free massages (I received one of the best quad massages in my life)! The pro start  and all the people at the starting and finish line, so nice! The memorial tiles, awards, everything, and especially all the highest caliber of support people… and I know I’m forgetting a ton of good stuff, because it was endless all the wonderful provisions and preparation that we all received in such abundance.

The only problem is that I know all the races I go to now will likely be a significant drop-off from what I and all the other riders experienced by registering for the Malibu Gran Fondo. By far the Malibu Gran Fondo total event was the best event I have ever attended. Your team gave all us riders the best weekend ever and that’s why I am writing this! For me not to write this testimonial in great gratitude would be a crime. I have to say “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!” I will be back and Thank You! Once again.